Sanxing Feirong sand mill use management and installation precautions

1. When the equipment or parts are put into the wooden box, they must be fixed firmly; after the box cover is nailed, the packing list and the box number must be marked on the outside of the box for easy management and checking.

2. The external logo of the wooden box requires neat, clear and standardized fonts.

3. The external identification of the wooden box should include:

a. Place upward in this direction:

b. No collision:

c. Don’t get in the rain:

4. The equipment must be tightly wrapped with air cushion foam cotton, and then wrapped with transparent tape or stretch film.

5. The wooden box should be handled with care when handling, and the packaging should not be damaged, and the equipment packaging should be kept intact.

6. The equipment is stored indoors, and it should be protected from rain, moisture, rust, and no exposure; ventilation is required, the ambient temperature is 5-40℃, the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, and the environment does not contain corrosive gases.

7. The painted surface of the equipment shall not be damaged; the unpainted surface shall be coated with anti-rust oil.

8. The electrical parts (such as the electric contact pressure gauge of the motor, etc.) are tightly wrapped with stretch film and have a waterproof function.

The structure and performance advantages of Sanxing Feirong vertical sand mill:

1. Rotor structure: turbine + pin;

2. Grinding cavity components: ceramic, polyurethane, alloy steel;

3. Inorganic seal: no troubles of leakage, damage or maintenance;

4. No screen: no blockage, no need to clean the screen and sieve beads;

5. Grinding media: Φ0.1-2.0 mm, which can realize nano-level ultra-fine grinding;

6. Efficient grinding: The power is mainly used for the effective grinding of large particles, and the efficiency is more than 50% higher than that of the horizontal machine;

7. Classification separation and classification grinding function: due to centrifugal separation, fine particles are discharged from the grinding cavity in time, with short residence time and no over-grinding; while large particles cannot be discharged and stay in the grinding cavity for a long time and are ground. As a result, the final product has uniform particles and narrow distribution.

8. Grinding range: 100μm-50nm (nano-level)

9. Applicable equipment: energy, electronics, inkjet, ceramics, carbon materials, minerals, metals, chemicals

10. Equipment model: 0.5L, 1.5L, 5L, 15L, 30L, 60L, 100L