Discussion: Application field and selection method of sand mill

The sand mill is one of the most widely used mechanical equipment in the field of raw material grinding; its application industries are: lithium battery materials, ceramic materials, chemical plastics, pigments, dyes, auxiliaries, chemical fibers, cosmetics, daily chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, Inks, food additives, agricultural suspension agents, 3D printing materials, petroleum products, paper pulp, etc.

With the development of the times, the industry is also changing, and machines have been updated. How do we choose the sand mill that suits us?

Below we list a few tips for choosing a sand mill:

First, from the perspective of stability, whether the sand mill has been shut down for a long time, whether the screen meets the requirements, and whether the internal design is reasonable.

Second, from the perspective of the fineness of the ground material, whether the ground material is uniform, whether the particle size is the same, and whether there is any material that has not been ground.

Thirdly, from the point of view of purity, whether the ground material is pure, and whether the material is contaminated due to the poor quality of the machine parts.

Fourth, from the perspective of efficiency, whether it is high energy consumption and low efficiency.

Fifth, from the perspective of the wear of accessories, the wear rate of the core components of the sand mill and the material of the core components.

Sixth, from the perspective of the mechanical seal of the sand mill, it is necessary to understand whether the mechanical seal is good or not, and whether there will be leakage problems during the work.

Seventh, after-sales service problems, can they be solved in the first time when problems occur, and whether the professional skills are excellent.

Only by doing the above points, the efficiency of the sand mill can be guaranteed.