Sand mill | Matters needing attention in the production process of real stone paint

With the development of the times, the economic level has improved. People put forward new requirements for the decoration of interior and exterior wall coatings.

Real stone paint is more and more popular with everyone for its unique appearance and performance, as well as the cost advantage relative to natural stone. Many high-end residences, courtyards and even high-rise buildings directly use real stone paints that are very similar in appearance to natural stone such as natural granite and marble. In terms of performance, they require strong hardness, waterproof, and aging resistance.

What is real stone paint?

Real stone paint is a kind of paint whose decorative effect resembles marble and granite. It is mainly made by grinding natural stone powder of various colors and applied to the imitation stone effect of building exterior walls, so it is also called liquid stone.

Buildings decorated with real stone lacquer have natural and real natural colors, giving people a sense of elegance, harmony and solemnity, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration of various buildings. Especially in the decoration of curved buildings, it is vivid and lifelike, with a return to nature effect. Real stone paint is fireproof, waterproof, acid and alkali resistant, and pollution resistant. Non-toxic, odorless, strong adhesion, never fade, etc., which can effectively prevent the harsh external environment from corroding the building and extend the life of the building. Because the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance, it is also It is very suitable for use in cold areas.

The market for real stone paint has broad application prospects, and it is highly evaluated by consumer companies and households.

However, there are also some noises in the actual market; the reason is that some workshop companies, who have just entered the enterprise, have stayed in the hearsay stage, the primitive stage of the preparation process of the real stone paint. The powder preparation of raw materials is unqualified, leading to the following conditions of auxiliary, addition, and proportion coordination of various additives, and the performance of real stone paint cannot perfectly meet the standard.

The particle size and fineness of the real stone lacquer powder and the uniformity of the particles greatly restrict the adsorption performance, durability, and environmental performance of the material, and also affect the fusion and stability with the additives. This also led to the increase of difficulty in the construction of real stone paint; after the completion of the construction, the core reasons for the lack of anti-corrosion, sun protection and stability of the real stone paint in the later stage.

This is why more and more people in the subdivision of stone paint, consumer groups divide stone paint into real stone paint, high-end real stone paint, anti-stone paint, high-end anti-stone paint, ordinary stone paint and other different types of labels.

The selection of real stone paint raw materials, the grinding and dispersion of raw materials, the addition of additives, the production process and quality management, and the construction process; these all create the final quality difference in the application of real stone paint.

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