Polishing powder preparation process and sand mill grinding and dispersion

Polishing powder is a powder material used in the polishing of some typical materials.

The polishing powder is usually composed of cerium oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon oxide, iron oxide, zirconium oxide, chromium oxide and other components. Different materials have different hardness and different chemical properties in water, so the use occasions are different.

The types of polishing powder include rare earth polishing powder, diamond polishing powder (including polycrystalline diamond powder, single crystal diamond powder, nano diamond powder), alumina series micro powder, cerium oxide series micro powder, coated diamond micro powder, and so on.

The typical factors that affect the performance of polishing powder are

First, the particle size of the powder determines the polishing accuracy and speed, and the average particle size determines the overall level of the particle size of the polishing powder.

Second, the powder’s Mohs hardness: Generally speaking, powders with relatively large hardness have a faster cutting effect, and different application areas will vary greatly.

Third, powder suspension: good powder requires polishing powder to have better suspension. The shape and particle size of the powder have a certain effect on the suspension performance. Generally speaking, the polishing powder with finer flake shape and particle size The suspension is relatively better. The suspension performance of polishing powder can also be improved by adding suspension (agent).

In the preparation process of the polishing powder process, the material needs to be ground and dispersed; a sand mill and a complete set of process equipment are required.

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