Sand Mill|Iron Oxide Red Lithium Iron Phosphate Process and Application of Iron Oxide Related Materials

Iron oxide, also known as oxide red, is an inorganic substance that is red or deep red amorphous powder.

Dry-process iron oxide products have coarse and hard crystal particles; wet-process products have fine crystal particles and are relatively soft. The method of preparing iron oxide material is different, and the material application is different.

In the field of new energy, with the formulation of the national new energy strategy, new energy vehicles and power batteries have developed rapidly. Lithium iron phosphate materials are currently the two mainstream power battery materials for lithium iron phosphate power batteries. There is an iron oxide red-lithium iron phosphate process route in the preparation process of lithium iron phosphate materials.

Magnetic materials, magnetic iron oxide particles, due to their special superparamagnetism, are used in giant magnetoresistance, magnetic fluid and magnetic recording, soft magnetism, permanent magnetism, magnetic refrigeration, giant magnetoresistance materials, magneto-optical devices, magnetic detectors, etc. have a broad vision of application. Video tapes generally use acicular iron or iron oxide magnetic ultrafine particles, and nano-iron oxide is a new type of magnetic recording material. Soft ferrites have been widely used in the fields of radio communications, radio and television, automatic control, space navigation, radar navigation, measuring instruments, computers, printing, household appliances, and biomedicine.

In the field of pigments, iron oxide is widely used as a pigment in high-end automotive coatings, architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, powder coatings, and is a better environmentally friendly coating. Iron oxide is used as a pigment, which not only maintains the good heat resistance, weather resistance and ultraviolet absorption of general inorganic pigments, but also can be well dispersed in an oily carrier. The paint or ink prepared with it has satisfactory transparency . The use of iron oxide with semiconductor characteristics to make paint, due to its high electrical conductivity, can play a role in electrostatic shielding.

Iron oxide is a commonly used colorant in glass production. Iron oxide colored glass can absorb both ultraviolet and infrared, so it is widely used in the manufacture of heat-absorbing glass, sunglasses glass, industrial protective glasses glass and military anti-infrared coatings. At the same time, it has the function of low price, heat absorption and ultraviolet ray absorption.

In addition, iron oxide pigments are also widely used abroad as colorants and protective agents for wood coating. The use of transparent iron oxide pigments instead of traditional pigments can retain the clear wood grain of the wood, and its high light resistance makes the color of the furniture lasting. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can decompose the lignin of wood and destroy the cell structure, resulting in wood aging. Nano iron oxide pigments, due to their small particles and uniform distribution, will not scatter light and absorb ultraviolet radiation, so they can protect the wood. .

In the field of catalysis, due to the small size of iron oxide particles and the large volume percentage on the surface, the bonding and electronic states on the surface are different from those inside the particles, and the coordination of surface atoms is different, which leads to an increase in active sites on the surface. The catalyst made of nano α-Fe2O3 particles has higher activity and selectivity than ordinary catalysts, and has a long life and is easy to operate. Nano-α-Fe2O3 has been directly used as a catalyst for the oxidation, reduction and synthesis of high molecular polymers. When it is used in petroleum refining, it can increase the cracking speed by 1 to 5 times. Using it as a solid combustion catalyst can make the combustion speed faster. The burning speed of ordinary combustion agents is increased by 1 to 10 times.

In the field of biomedicine, nano-iron oxide also plays an important role in pharmaceutical capsules, drug synthesis, biomedical technology and other fields.

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